We all love to travel for our films, and we sometimes completely lose ourselves to film those weddings abroad. Completely shutting of from all the beauty your own region has to offer.

Stam and George work in their own beautiful backyard. The isle of Santorini, were they film weddings from the worlds jet-setters all over the globe. So the full-time-over-focusing on getting those lovely “destination” weddings wasn’t a part of their daily routine. They could just focus on what is important, in developing themselves. Creating good films, not only the short shareables, but especially the longer documents.

So now it’s their turn to share their knowledge. And boy are we in for something with these two!

Stam, George, we apoligize for putting you in a plane to Barcelona, instead of staying in Greece in their comfortable working environment.

But hey…..we really wanted you guys on the stage again!

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