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Why For Love's Sake?

For Love's Sake was founded by Carlos van Oostrum and Christa Verboom. Where Carlos, as wedding filmmaker, missed the opportunity to follow bigger workshops for filmmaking, than the ones he followed with individual filmmakers. For our photography colleagues there are so many events they can attend, and for film there were none. Therefor he came with the idea of hosting his own event. The idea of FLS was born.

"Because weddings are filled with love, love between the couple, love between friends and family. We all do this line of work for the love we all share for love itself, without this love and passion it is pointless. Because the only thing a wedding filmmaker should do is capture love. We are giving this workshop because we want to share our love for what we are doing. Because we are hopelessly romantic.

So for love’s sake…let’s start this thing!"
- Carlos -

Founder For Love's Sake
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Founder For Love's Sake


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