18 + 19 APRIL 2017
  • LINE-UP:

Nathian Steir (USA)

" I just wanted to share with everyone my thoughts on this last week. I flew to Holland slightly confused, exhausted, stressed and burnt out about my work, but very eager to watch and learn from the best. What I received was more than just training and advice. I received inspiration from the best film makers in this world and they reminded me that the emotional roller coaster I go through is what they have gone through. I made so many amazing new friends from so many different countries. The British, the Dutch, the Italians, the Germans, and I know I'm missing some countries! Everyone was so kind and respectful. I didn't have to try and prove myself because you didn't care about anything, but the one thing we had in common and that was our passion. I'm going to be honest there was a moment at the end of the last session where I stopped and looked around at all these amazing creative minds and I wanted to cry out of joy and sadness only because I knew it would end eventually. For many years I Facebook stalked Riccardo Fasoli because I admired his work and I wanted be as good as he was. I would tell him he is the best and he would tell me no because there are so many good ones out there. Now I know what he means. I am truly lucky to have met all of you and I can only wish for two things. 1. I work hard to find my unique style so that one day I am as good as you all are. 2. That we some day meet again, laugh, drink, eat and live our passion together. Thank you everyone for making this trip from the United States the most inspirational! For Love's Sake......let's do this again!! "

Nikos Fragoulis (GREECE)

"Attending for loves sake was an amazing experience for me. Carlos and Christa were both very kind. A very well organized workshop with warm hearted people. At the end of the workshop we ended up being like a big family sharing our experiences and inspiring one another. I would highly recommend it.."

Chris Nemes (FRANCE)

"I just wanted to say what an honour and privilege it was to be able to meet all of you insanely talented creatives. To meet so many happy, loving and creative souls at one time is rare and I will forever be rewarded by great friendships from the last 2 days. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas, stories and techniques ...... YOU ARE ALL F#$%ING ROCKSTARS !!!!! yes Philip ... rockstars ! Haha love to you all"

Hannah Da Silva (U.K.)

"Thanks for organising the event - it was truly fantastic! It was so great to meet so many people in the industry at a turning point in my career! And thank you to all the people who were there for all the different types of contributions to the event!!! "

Thank you Alice Mahran for capturing those amazing moments!

Alice Mahran Photography