There were filmmakers from all over the world, and for two days we were the center of wedding film.
And that made us so proud! An idea started from missing something in our industry turned into something serious and it's still growing. All because of you! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you Beatrice / The Quirky for these great pictures!


We started the first day with our fair share of energy. Rebecca, representing Muse Storytelling, opened this Barcelona edition with a presentation that was a clear wake up call. She showed us that if we changed our mindset to a more open an positive one, we will be more open to opportunities. Which we should, especially if we want to tell the stories in front of us. Rebecca told us to explore, create and be open for new ideas.


‘I am not the best at grading, not the best at editing, not the best at composing, but I am good enough in each part to fake it’. With his open and humble character, and don’t forget the French accent, Jérémie charmed us all.
He explained how much he learned from wedding photographers, and how important they were to him. So remember, no fights and competition, work together! Be respectful. It was just a fresh and honest story!


‘What to say? It was emotional, honest, intense and above all touching. I can’t remember the last time such a crowded room was completely in awe and hanging on the lips with every word Francisco said. We all shed a tear, multiple, during this presentation. And for that 1,5 hour he toke us to another planet, his planet.

Special thanks for Monica, who translate his presentation with so much charm, no one could do that better than her!


We all love those short Instagram films. Fast and flashy, but what about the films that truly matter, what about the longer 20 minute films? Well, let that be one of With Heart Films specialty. So after amazing us with their long film, they took this same film and break it down on the timeline.
It’s a pleasure to see how these two guys doing their presentation, each in a different role. They complement each other. Stam the dreamer, the good cop and George the technical one, the bad cop. They truly benefit from working together.


Diva or not, we love Steph! She’s such a positive, open minded, down to earth, analyzing and warm hearted person. She motivates and inspires. At the start of her presentation we all had to stand up. ‘Be proud of yourself’ she said. We all invested in our career as a wedding filmmaker, to be here. We take our job serious to put effort in joining For Love’s Sake. And besides that, be proud as a wedding filmmaker. Tell your friends, your family, spread the world: you’re a wedding filmmaker, and you love what you’re doing. Don’t be ashamed!


Alex knows how to get people comfortable. How? Well easy…in front of a cozy fireplace. You hear the sound of crackling wood. It’s good for yourself and for your subjects to get comfortable, that was the message. Only then you can get an open and honest conversation. Also during weddings, most of the time you’re with people you don’t know, with different cultures, different opinions, standards and values. How do you cope with these differences? Just get comfortable in these unknown settings and situations. The rest of his presentation was like a journey through some of his films. He told us the stories behind them. And like the name Sculpting with Time suggests, he finished with some film history. Time passed by!


When Carlos had hard decisions to make, he had one thing very clear: the Why. The why guided him to make the right choices and it steered him to the life he aspire to live. He told us how the daily grind, stress, career, Instagram, society, friends, money issues, relations and all can distract you from our why. So he gave us some pointers on how to stay focused. Also it was a good thing that this was a shorter presentation steering clear from showing wedding films, it was an honest, informative and above all fresh analyze on this industry.


Something new, something fresh, something out of your comfort zone. This wasn’t the regular sit-down-and-listen presentation. We had to be active, we had to think, talk and write down our feelings. For Fuck’s Sake, a wall filled with all our personal struggles. For Your Sake, a list of things that really mattered to yourself and For Love’s Sake, the promise we make with a fellow filmmaker to find the perfect balance to love your life. I am really curious to hear how this went for all of you as well! It was an perfect way to get ready for the final speaker of the event.


An honest story about Velare. About how insane hard his business had grown in such a short time. How everything changed from that point. Velare seemed to be one of the biggest success stories of this period in the wedding industry, but things weren’t what they looked like. It was also almost a cautionary tale about how we need to stop focusing on appearances.

It was an refreshing and yet again very honest insight about how he had to cope with all these changes in his life and in his business. With luck eventually changing everything for good. Personally I don’t think this was luck, I think Tim was way too humble. It was talent, dedication and perseverance that got him to this point.
Thanks for sharing this with us Tim!

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