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After the first edition in Rotterdam we decided to set up camp in Barcelona for a second edition.

For this third edition in April we are going back to Rotterdam. The city where it all started, one of the most creative cities in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam is always changing

So this means we will also change some things during this edition. For instance, we will have more speakers during FLS. And above all they are more divers than ever. FLS Talks is introduced in Rotterdam, a 60 minute on stage in depth interview.

But two of the biggest changes will be, FLS Small Talks and the off-program Workshop.

FLS Small Talks: 15 minutes of small talk about big subjects. We will organize 3 of these during both days. But the most important and interesting of this will be that 2 of these 3 spots can be claimed by you.

If you bought your FLS ticket and you have the guts, the heart and a specific subject you want to build a 15 minute presentation around, tell us.

Send us an email at carlos@for-loves-sake.com.

Off-program Workshop

Sunday (15-4) and Monday (16-4) prior to the FLS event we will offer our speakers an opportunity to share their passion, talent and knowledge troughout workshops, one on one sessions or whatever the speakers prefer to organize. After the line-up is fully presented we will put more info online.

*pricing will be around an additional 400 euro.
*these workshops aren't included in the two day ticket.

Visit our off-program page for more information.

Be inspired

All speakers will talk from their heart, share their passion, be brutally honest and above all, they will inspire you.

Visit Rotterdam to connect, be inspired, keep learning and above all to challenge yourself.

09:30 / 11:00: REMI & PUI-YUK
11:30 / 13:00: DANIEL ARMITAGE
14:00 / 14:15: FLS SMALL TALKS
14:30 / 16:00: ALEJANDRO CALORE
16:30 / 18:00: KRAIG ADAMS

09:30 / 11:00: PHILIP WHITE
11:30 / 13:00: PASCAL DÉLÉ
14:00 / 14:15: FLS SMALL TALKS
15:45 / 16:00: FLS SMALL TALKS
16:30 / 18:00: CALEN & KRISTINE


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