F O R   L O V E ' S   S A K E

After having organized 3 editions, we are ready for edition number four!

For this fourth edition,
9th + 10th of April 2019,
we are going to
set up camp in Barcelona.
An inspiring city,
one filled with amazing food,
beautiful art and a vibe unique to other cities.

With the fantastic last edition of For Love's Sake in Rotterdam in mind, we wanted to visit another city. Create a new memory. So, we decided to pack our bags and travel to Barcelona again. The place to be when it comes to art, fantastic food, enjoying life, entertainment and good weather. We couldn’t think of a better place to host this fourth For Love’s Sake edition.

We steered clear away from where the tourist go, and decided to set up camp in Sant Antoni, a place filled with creativity.


After introducing the FLS SMALL TALK sessions in Rotterdam, it's time for a second round. For those who don't know the concept. FLS Small Talks: 15 minutes of small talk about big subjects. We will organize 4 of these during both days. 2 of these 4 spots can be claimed by FLS attendees.

If you bought your FLS ticket and you have the guts, the heart and a specific subject you want to build a 12 minute presentation around, tell us.

Send us an email at carlos@for-loves-sake.com.


The sunday and monday prior and the thursday after the FLS event we will offer our speakers an opportunity to share their passion, talent and knowledge troughout workshops, one on one sessions or whatever the speakers prefer to organize. After the line-up is fully presented we will put more info online.

*pricing will be around an additional 400 euro.
*these workshops aren't included in the two day ticket.

Visit our off-program page for more information.


All speakers will talk from their heart, share their passion, be brutally honest and above all, they will inspire you.

Visit Barcelona to connect, be inspired, keep learning and above all to challenge yourself.

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