03 + 04 October / Barcelona
Riccardo Fasoli (Kreativ Wedding)
Stam + George (With Heart Films)
Alejandro Calore (Real N Short)
Pui-Yuk + Remi (Maru Films)
Steph Bubble (We Are Bubblerock

Why FLS?

Because weddings are filled with love, love between the couple, love between friends and family.
We all do this line of work for the love we all share for love itself, without this love and passion it is pointless.
Because the only thing a wedding filmmaker should do is capture love.
We are giving this workshop because we want to share our love for what we are doing.
Because we are hopelessly romantic.

So for love’s sake…let’s start this thing!

On the 3th and 4th of October 2017 Riccardo Fasoli (Kreativ Wedding), Stam + George (With Heart Films), Alejandro Calore (Real N Short), Pui-Yuk + Remi (Maru Films) and Steph Bubble (We Are Bubblerock) will set up camp in Barcelona.

We will pick a line-up that is diverse in style. That's because we believe that real inspiration can be found in diversity. Open up for the things you are not used to do, not used to make and you will see yourself being more creative than you ever were and making better films than you ever did.

Riccardo Fasoli / Kreativ Wedding
Stam + George / With Heart Films
Alejandro Calore / Real N Short
Pui-Yuk + Remi / Maru Films
Steph Bubble / We Are Bubblerock