F O R   L O V E ' S   S A K E  

is the first and only inspirational event for wedding filmmakers worldwide.
All of our events have a different line-up that is extremely diverse in style.
Because we truly believe that real inspiration can be found in diversity.

Open up to things you are not used to do,
not used to make and you will see yourself being more creative than you ever were and making better films than you ever did.

Visit FLS to be inspired and to inspire others,
to connect with peers in real-life,
to learn from the A-list speakers,
to share stories: good, bad and ugly,
to grow as a filmmaker and as an individual
and above all
to challenge yourself to become better.

Whatever better means to you personally!

F O R   L O V E ' S   S A K E  

We host 3 different type of FLS editions:

1. For Love’s Sake
It’s the original two-day event focused on wedding filmmakers worldwide, hosted once a year.

2. For Love’s Sake Local:
This a local one-day event, spoken in native language.

3. For Love’s Sake Camp:
This is a three-day event, intimate in style with a focus on learning in specific areas as a wedding filmmaker

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